My name is Miriam Rupp. I’m founder and CEO of Mashup Communications, the Berlin-based agency for PR and brand storytelling. I am driven by the love for new stories and new ways to tell old stories. That’s why, since early 2007, I have been helping more than 200 companies to get their stories told. I can confidently claim that I’m an expert in storytelling, PR, social media, content marketing. But my interests, lifestyle and curiosity go well beyond those fields, which unfortunately cannot be captured by LinkedIn, Twitter & Co. That’s why I created this personal website to give you a little tour.

My Baby

After working with well-known and inspiring startups for two years, I was gripped by their entrepreneurial spirit and decided that I wanted to become my own boss and realize my own ideas of a company. So in 2009 I took the leap of faith and founded Mashup Communications. Together with my business partner Nora Feist and an amazing team we not only want to be the first choice for progressive organizations wanting to become storytellers. But  we also want to stand out as an attractive workplace proving that it is possible for communications agencies to provide a healthy work-life-balance for employees and still achieve the best possible results for our clients.

My Book

If businesses want to survive and strive in the near future, they need to become more human again. The power of storytelling is one of the most vital tools to communicate in a way that highly resonates with customers and employees alike. To help companies find their unique hero’s journeys, I wrote the book “Storytelling für Unternehmen” (storytelling for businesses). This handy guide not only reveals the patterns that movies and legendary marketing campaigns have in common. It also provides concrete checklists for companies to find their own story patterns. Along with best practice examples and a number of unique interviews with experts, it provides insights as to how storytelling can be used for  content marketing, PR, social media, employer branding, and leadership.

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My 10,000 km Commute

I was born 1984 in Berlin, one of the most exciting places in the world. I stayed in cities like New York and Sydney for a couple of months, but always knew where I belong. Both from a professional and a personal point of view, Berlin is the perfect base for me that keeps me inspired and going. In 2011, though, I was re-born, when I came to Cape Town for the first time. I found love and a new lifestyle that allows me to live in two of the most amazing cities in the world at the same time and experience something close to the eternal summer. The differences and similarities of the two Mother Cities give me a great new perspective and an interesting balance between nature and big city life, western society and an emerging country, business and personal fulfillment.


Storytelling is my passion! That’s why I’m specialized in public relations strategies that focus on traditional media intertwining with digital content marketing. On stage or in workshops and seminars my presentations also follow the principle of taking my audience on a journey to a both informative and entertaining experience that will stick. I utilize all technical and visual tools available to make the content appealing and emotional.

If you need consulting in those areas or if you’re looking for an interim communications manager to get your company on track for the storytelling era, feel free to contact me anytime. I’m also available for guest articles and speaker participation at conferences and business events. In English and German.

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